FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – At the 2012 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, yacht owners, captains and crews will have an opportunity to meet former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer and maritime security expert Tony Sparks of Phantom Services, which offers comprehensive yacht security, anti-piracy training and vessel recovery services.

Sparks and Team Phantom will introduce their yacht monitoring services and demonstrate yacht security and protection systems aboard Phantom, a 62 Azimut, at F/G Dock 16 at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center, October 25-29. –

Featured aboard Phantom will be the JetLev R200 Jetpack ( as one of the many tools available for yacht security and recovery. Team Phantom will also provide live demonstrations of the GOST™ (Global Ocean Security Technologies, Cloak and Acoustics Barrier onboard intruder deterrent systems and other GOST yacht security, tracking and monitoring systems.

Phantom Services offers non-lethal Awareness Training for captains and crews for the more permissive areas, as well as Lethal Training for the semi-permissive areas. For those areas that yachts must transit which are extremely hazardous, Phantom also provides onboard security and/or yacht escort services.

Tony Sparks spent 28 years in the United States Army, with most of his career assigned to Special Operations Units, including the U.S. Army Rangers and a Special Mission Unit responsible for counter terrorism and hostage rescue worldwide. He has been responsible for security surveys of over 600 oceangoing vessels and 50 major international ports and harbors. Team Phantom members are US military veterans with over 20 years of experience in Special Operations, domestic and international security.

For more information about Phantom Services, visit Bahia Mar F/G Dock 16 at the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat show, or call 1+954.254.8025.